Our Party Was over an Hour Away, Glad Our Ride Was Comfortable!

Every year we have a family Christmas party an hour away in a big fancy hall. It’s kind of a fun adventure for us, as we all get expensive clothes and pretend like we’re rich and famous. Normally we just take our cars, but we wanted to step up our game this year. There is a lot of us, so we chose to check out a flyer we found that said visite our party buses.

While the bus wasn’t really a fancy option, like a limo or a hummer limo would have been, it was a great choice. It fit all of our family members on the bus, roughly thirty of us and we were able to have a nice ride together. In the long run it actually saved us some money since we didn’t have to take so many cars and put gas in all of them.

The bus drove us to our destination, and then waited for our party to end so that we could use the bus to get back home again. The best part was that it actually picked us up at my house, my family members just all had to

One Hitch in the Preparation

In anticipation of the mad dash of parents trying to make their children’s night a perfect one, I prepared for my daughter’s prom early. I helped her pick out a dress, rent a limo, and even booked a hair salon appointment months in advance. Everything was set, until one thing happened that threw the entire plan out of place. The limo company had been shut down by the government because of illegal business practices. This happened days before the prom, so I scrambled to find a replacement limo, and stumbled upon http://paradisetorontolimo.ca, where I rented a new limo.

I guess no matter how much you prepare for something, there is still a chance that something can go wrong, so it’s best to have a backup plan. Continue reading “One Hitch in the Preparation”

A Budget Friendly Travel

hxfkhfxTravel is the only thing that leaves a man with hole in their pockets. One of the way by which a traveler can enjoy the actual trip is to take a whole idea about how much money will be spent totally and by reading the tips on saving money. Planning and knowledge is the key feature for budgeted travel. It’s true that everyone want to book cheap flight or railway tickets yet luxurious accommodation and facilities. This is one the most important component for the budgeted travelers.

We are going to discuss some ideas by which you can plan your trip into reasonable cost that completely fits in your budget.

1) Plan in Advance

Planning your trip before the hand will surely not only help you to book cheapest air tickets but also give you ample time to make a research about the destination city you have plan to visit. It also saves your money as various holiday packages are served by the biggest travel firms. So never miss this opportunity

2) Travel off season


Thinking About a Winter Get Away

fzjtdWinter is the perfect time to hop on a plane and get away from the city and the cold. Airlines flights are usually cheaper, as it is the off season, as well as hotel and resort rates. There is a wide variety of flights from New York to take you to just about any destination you had in mind. Don’t let the weather interfere with your travel plans. Winters offer some great things that other seasons just can’t offer. Here are some ideas to help with your winter travel plans.

The winter snow can be quite stunning depending on where you go but the weather is usually less cooperative. However, crowds will be much thinner in the winter at most any location you are interested in visiting. Colorado is a beautiful destination to visit in the winter with the beautiful snows and evergreens and breathtaking mountain ranges. Skiing and other winter sports are easily found and are some of the world’s best. If you are a sun lover who needs to get away from the cold and hit the golf course, Arizona, Hawaii and Florida are great locations

Great Places to Visit near Durban for the Adventurous Traveller

hkjtdkDurban in South Africa may not be the nation’s number one tourist destination, but that certainly does not mean that there isn’t plenty to see and do here. The city itself is a great base for those looking for an adventurous South African break, as its location in the province of KwaZulu-Natal puts it in the middle of many natural and cultural sights and experiences.

One of the biggest natural attractions in South Africa is Kruger National Park, which is the largest South African game reserve and one which is a must-visitdestination for anyone visiting the country. Covering almost 20,000 square kilometres, this park is home to species such as buffalo, rhinoceros, lions, leopards, giraffes, zebra, elephants, hippopotamuses and hyena.

With 4×4 trails, guided safari tours and plenty of accommodation options, this is our first recommendation for anyone visiting Durban. Although 800km away from the city, Kruger National Park is relatively close at one hour away on an internal flight, which will arrive at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport.

For the more adventurous, however, travelling to this wildlife haven

3 Niagara Falls Attractions for Summertime Travelers

While it’s true that there’s never a bad time to visit Niagara Falls, summer is among the most opportune. Thanks to the abundance of gorgeous weather summertime brings, a plethora of seasonal attractions are available to those who travel to the Falls during the summer months. Whether you’re traveling alone, embarking on a romantic getaway with your partner or taking the whole family on vacation, you’re guaranteed to find plenty to do when visiting Niagara Falls.

Touring the Falls

No trip to Niagara is complete without an up-close look at the iconic Falls. Unfortunately, the majority of in-depth tours are unavailable throughout the winter. During the summer months, however, you can find a wide range of boat tours and walking tours – most notably Journey Behind the Falls and the White Water Walk. Although the Falls are from the only attraction the area has to offer, one should never pass up the opportunity see one of the natural wonders of the world with their own eyes.

Nature Hikes

Not surprisingly, when many people think of Niagara Falls, their minds go straight to the main attraction. However, unbeknownst to most first-time visitors, the area is

3 Tips for Keeping Your New RV in Prime Condition

High-quality RVs don’t come cheap. If you recently invested in a top-of-the-line motor home or travel trailer, it stands to reason that you want to make your new RV last for as long as possible. Having shelled out the money for such a pricey vehicle, it’s in your best interest to keep it up and running for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, protecting your investment isn’t nearly as difficult as certain RV owners make it look. To ensure that your RV enjoys a long life, put the following tips to good use.

1. Stay on Top of Oil Changes and Fluid Levels

After purchasing a brand new motor home from http://www.mcgeorgerv.com/, it behooves you to stay on top of oil changes and fluid levels. Although this is very important for regular vehicles, it’s absolutely vital to the immediate health of motor homes. A motor home’s core components work considerably harder than those of a standard car or truck. Failing to change your oil and top off your various fluids as needed is guaranteed to result in costly repairs and a reduced lifespan for the vehicle.

2. Clean Your Water Tanks

In addition to

Want to Visit Lombok? Use this Easiness!

Have you ever heard about Senggigi beach? Yeah this is one of the incredible beach in Indonesia. This beach is like a paradise to be visited. Do you know where Senggigi beach is? Exactly, this beach is located in Lombok. As we know that Lombok is another best place to visit instead of Bali. The location of Lombok is not far away at all from Bali. Bali and Lombok are close to one another and when you visit Bali, you should visit this beloved island too.

Let’s say we are interested to visit Lombok, of course there are many kinds of preparations needed. Not only for the budget or the money that you should prepare but you also need to prepare like finding the information about Lombok. You need to have the book online hotel in Lombok too right? Have you done it before? If not, you need to do the online booking sooner. You can trust it to Mister Aladin. Are you familiar with Mister Aladin before?

For your information, Mister Aladin is such a trusted and safe website for the online booking of the hotel. So if in this time you are going

Miami has much to offer tourists.

It has a strong culture and a rich history. It is also known for its pleasant subtropical climate. You can an invigorating also here because of the wide availability of open spaces and fresh air in them. An important point about Miami that you should remember your city tour is that it be divided into several districts. Each with its own set of properties each district has its own importance in cultural and historical terms. The attractions of each also tend to vary. A Miami to Key West  tour of the center is rewarded shops and cafes with exclusive jewelry. There are also parts of the top layer with good chic and elegant restaurants.

Shopping is to enjoy one of the most popular activities here. There are many cheap fashion shops that offer all kinds of objects and jewelry for sale. If shopping is not what you want, you can take a boat ride make the waters to explore around Miami. Boat trips can also be taken to nearby islands. A trip to Miami is incomplete without a visit to the Everglades, which is a paradise of nature lovers. There much to see and live in

Peer-to-peer accommodation services change travel patterns in many ways

Have you ever used Airbnb or other peer-to-peer accommodation services when travelling? If yes, you are likely to travel more than you used to, you choose your destination from among a wider set of alternatives, and you are more active in your destination.

Peer-to-peer accommodation services such as Airbnb have changed travel patterns in many ways, according to a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland and Washington State University. The study provides new insight into how the availability and use of peer-to-peer accommodation services affect travel patterns. The findings were published in Journal of Travel Research.

The study found that tourists are interested in peer-to-peer accommodation services due to social and financial reasons. Users of peer-to-peer accommodation services are often in social interaction with their hosts, and peer-to-peer accommodation services are a cost-effective alternative to, for example, hotels.

Financial savings achieved by using peer-to-peer accommodation services make it possible to broaden the selection of destinations and the number of trips, while the social aspects inspire people to travel more in general and to stay in their destination for a longer period of time. Financial savings — together with tips from hosts — also increase tourists’ activeness in their

Menlyn Park

Menlyn Park deserves its reputation as one of South Africa’s greatest shopping destinations for local and international visitors alike. Along with hundreds of shops, the centre is home to a rooftop drive-in cinema, the Barnyard Theatre and Galaxy World, which provide exciting entertainment for shoppers.

The Menlyn Drive-In was the first drive-in cinema in the world that was built on top of a shopping complex

Menlyn Park in welcoming Pretoria is so popular with South Africans that many shoppers from Johannesburg prefer to drive to Menlyn in Pretoria instead of doing their shopping in one of their closer malls. The spacious centre is one of Africa’s biggest and is conveniently situated along the N1 highway.

It is hard to think of an item that you will be unable to buy at the prestigious Menlyn Park, which boasts all the country’s main chain stores, but is also home to an impressive array of specialty shops. Scuba diving gear, designer dresses, a cup of delicious coffee or a three course meal: it won’t take you long to find it in Menlyn.

When it comes to entertainment, the Menlyn experience is hard

Tips for Packing Light

If you don’t make a packing list, then don’t say we didn’t warn you when you wake up in a hotel room on the morning of a crucial business meeting and realize your white dress shirt is at home. In her book “How to Stay Healthy and Fit on the Road,” travel guru Joanne V. Lichten advises compiling multiple lists — one for two-day business trips, another for a weeklong vacation and so on .

But no matter what type or length of trip you’re taking, list-making has another benefit. As you tally what you absolutely need, you’ll realize what you don’t need. Unless you’re meeting with the same client every day on a business trip, for example, you can get away with wearing the same suit or blazer. Travel writer and luggage marketer Rick Steves limits himself to one extra pair of pants, four shirts, several days’ worth of underwear and socks, a sweater, and either a light jacket or a warmer coat if the weather’s chilly at his destination. Even with his laptop, camera, and toiletries included, his baggage weighs a Spartan 20 pounds (9 kilograms).

f you can spare 10 minutes a night to wash your socks, underwear and shirts or blouses

Locations of Twelve Jyotirlingas in India

Visit the most important pilgrimage centers related to lord Shiva – 5 Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra tour packages, It is believed that on Aridra Nakshatra night, Hindu god Shiva manifested himself in the form of Jyotirlinga; therefore the importance of jyotirligas is supreme. The myth says that an enlightened personality when sees Jyotirlingas can see the lingas as columns of burning fire piercing through the earth.

The significance of Jyotirlingas in Hindu religion- The religious texts in Puranas talk about the greatness of Jyotirlingas , accordingly if a person recites the names and shlockas of jyotirlingas , the sins get eliminated and the human body becomes calm , chaste and pure , the person chanting gets enlightened and owner of divine knowledge.

The pilgrims from all over the world who believe in the above theory make sure that they visit all the Jyotirlingas at least one in a lifetime and hope to attain enlightenment and get rid of the sins .

These Jyotirlingas are geographically located all over the country, starting from Uttarakhand in the North and Tamil Nadu in the south. The maximum number of jyotirlingas is located in the state of Maharashtra.

Locations of twelve Jyotirlingas in India

Somnath – Located in Gujarat, this

For Tourists Having a Shoe String Budget

In the last few years, Dubai has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations. People from every nook and corner of the world come here to explore the beauty and charm of this place. With so many attractive places to explore here, you will just be able to make the most of your vacation. However, what is the right recipe for a wonderful and memorable trip? The answer, for sure, has to be getting the right accommodation and affordable flight tickets can be a cherry on the cake. As far as accommodation is considered, there is no dearth of budget hotels in Dubai.

When you are travelling with your family to this beautiful place, then it is extremely important for you to ensure that accommodation is booked in advance so that there are no hassles that you face after landing here. Considering the ever growing number of tourists, there have cropped up several hotels in the last few years, making it a lot easier for tourists choose the best for themselves. Increasing competition amongst hotels has worked wonders for tourists as they can now choose from plenty of affordable hotels in Dubai.

One of

How to Save Money and Get Yourself a Great Holiday Deal in Kerala

If you are planning on taking a break and going on a vacation with your whole family, you should check out some of the options that are available to you in the Indian subcontinent. This is a country that has many contrasts that are unbelievable. The citizens here believe in unity among diversity. A single holiday to this place will give you a small idea of exactly what they mean. There are so many different races and cultures here. And yet they somehow manage to live in relative harmony with each other. There are many agencies that offer attractive Kerala tour packages. But always make sure that you choose only the one that gives you the best value for money as well as one that is experienced in this field.

Where experience counts

The main reason why it is always advisable to choose a company that has been in this industry for at least a few years is because they will have the required level of expertise to make sure that you and your loved ones have a great time while you are travelling. Kerala is one of the most beautiful places on this planet when it is at its prime. There

Beautiful Countries to Visit on a Cheap Budget

Countries to Visit on a Cheap Budget

Reluctant to travel and having difficulty in choosing a destination? Without information on where to go on a limited budget? Your dream travel solves with this fantastic places to choose from.


Recognized as a modest destination for a long time. In any case, what you won’t understand that there exists significantly added to India than Bollywood movies, elephant rides and insane activity. Disregard looking at the Taj – shouldn’t something say concerning an outing toward the north? Continue moving in Ladakh, where the crests remain colossal and the air stays refreshing. Alternately shouldn’t something told of surfing in Port Blair – it’s amidst the Narrows of Bengal and still modest as chips.


The home of Mt Everest and the Sherpa individuals has long been on the pecuniary backing’s radar voyager. After decades in the spotlight, Nepal still stays one of the best spending plans destinations. The trekking does wonderful and the fragmentary expense of being in the nation implies that the treks continue. Many a prepared voyager has Nepal at the highest point of their best-of rundown – and the best piece happens, it

Winter Travel

Vacationing this Winter: Getting’ Your Chill On and Hotspots!

Travel to Go has put together a list of recommended vacation locations for this winter season. For your convenience we have grouped them into 5 recommendations each for cold vacations and hot vacations.

Get Your Chill On!

1. Alaska – Alaska has a little something for everyone from dog sledding to viewing the northern lights. Known for its extreme cold, with a little care and precaution Alaska has lot of entertainment options and activities for the entire family.

2. Wisconsin Dells – The Wisconsin Dells, a small northern town offers some of the very best vacation packages around. For instance the Great Wolf Lodge is home to one of the largest indoor water parks in the United States. A visit to the Wisconsin Dells offers the best of both worlds in the winter time: a brisk snowy day outside and a beautiful summer day at a water park indoors.

3. Lake Tahoe – Lake Tahoe has been one of the most famous winter holiday vacation spots in the United States for years. With an average annual snowfall of 360 inches, Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland full of fun and excited for the whole family.

4. New

Winter Park Colorado Lodging

Here we go, it is the time for you to choose how to spend your winter holiday. You have asked permission to your boss to get some free day. It is including delegated some works to your colleagues so that you do not have to think about it at all. Moreover, you have checked your account in the bank to set the budget. The most important thing is, your family has been informed to set their schedules and match it with yours. Therefore, all of you could spend the winter holiday time together.

You have done well until this point. However, you have not decided the destination of your winter holiday. If you are not fond of tropical countries, then winter park Colorado lodging is the best answer. Within this area, all you could see is the snow all over the place.

About winter park lodging, surely you must choose Beaver Village Resort on your top list. Established in 1939, this resort is the pioneer on the business. They have different kinds of services that match your need and budget. There are winter park lodging, winter park hotels, winter park condos, and winter park reservations.

Enjoy a Safe Winter Vacation With Travel Guard Ski Travel Insurance

If you are looking forward to a wonderful winter vacation with your family, you must consider making some special safety arrangements. One of the best skiing safety things is really a matter of personal choice. You may or may not buy ski travel insurance. However, experts say that one must purchase an adequate insurance cover before leaving their home.

Whether you are a professional skier or just a beginner, insurance helps you keep safe and protected no matter which part of the world you travel to. As it is backed with an emergency phone number, you can contact on it as and when you feel stuck and seek assistance immediately. You just need to remember your ski holiday insurance policy number.

A wide range of ski insurance policies are available in the market. Many travel insurance companies offer quality products at competitive prices. But Travel Guard is one of the most popular and preferred insurance provider. With their worldwide network, they are able to provide complete assistance on the spot no matter where you are in this world. They offer a wide range of options that perfectly suit your requirements. You can purchase a plan for

Melbourne A Journey To Remember

There are many things combined in perfect harmony that adds character to the city of Melbourne. It is one of the coolest places, always buzzing with vibrancy and bohemian cultures. Some of the best attractions of the city include it state-of-the-art museums, heritage sites, architecture, river foreshores and street lives. Infact, a traveller once said that Melbourne is best explored by walking down its lanes on foot. It is then that you get a true picture of the city’s attitude, look and feel and cultural mix. Book your cheap tickets to Melbourne from UK and discover the many awesome things that it has to offer.

Some of the adventurous things that you can do here include:

Street Art Tour: Melbourne is famous for its hidden art works that lie tucked around in street corners. These tours are run by street artists with different talents and are a fun to see. The art displayed on the walls keep changing. They are fascinating and striking. The city is full of exceptional street art and if you are a wanderer, you will enjoy it thoroughly.

Hidden Secrets Tours: Strange in many ways, there are a number of hidden secrets waiting to be explored in the city.